• rethink-openyoureyes


Some people will never see the blessings that are right in front of them. Unfortunately, Life blinds everyone.

At some point, you begin your journey to remove this blindness. You start to grow and your vision becomes clearer. You begin to seek knowledge and gain wisdom. It is natural for us to want to share […]

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  • rethink-ruready


The past week has been pretty crazy. I found myself working on several unexpected projects. Every chance I had to take a breath, I kept telling myself thank God I’ve been preparing for this.

That got me to thinking are you ready? Are you ready to accomplish the goal you have in mind? If that […]

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  • rethink-discipline


“How bad do you want it?”

A lot of people use this phrase to push themselves towards a goal. The problem we usually face is one day we want it and another day we don’t. For most people the longer it takes, the less they want it. My opinion is that question targets your desire. […]

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  • rethink-keepthefaith


I created a design called “keep the faith”. When I made the design, I was in the midst of one of life’s turbulent times. As I was dealing with the moment at hand, the phrase”keep the faith” came to my mind. I repeated it to myself over and over. Shortly after, ideas and visions […]

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  • rethink-goodday


I was set to post something totally different but today is one of those rare days in life that is so good that I had to tell someone about it.

Now I am not saying that I don’t have good days because I am fortunate to have my fair share more so than bad […]

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  • rethink-beyond


It is hard to believe that I know so many people that are afraid of their own progression or the possibility of being more. As amazed as I am by this, the reality is that we each have these invisible shackles. Sometimes they show as lack of confidence while other times could be fear of […]

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  • rethink-keepgoing


I have been working on a project for months. There have been more downs than ups. Regardless, every single day I am putting some kind of time into this project. Finally after several months, I’ve had a breakthrough. Although it wasn’t an all out success, it is success none the less. So as I sat […]

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  • rethink-today


You may have woken up this morning and said “arrghh work” or “damn that bill is due”. There is a plethora of things that come with today. The bottom line is- it’s all you got.

Today is the only time to do something, anything. This is your opportunity to make your “it” happen. What are […]

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  • rethink-self


One of the most important tools we have is the power of self. I am constantly talking to my kids about this power that we tend to under utilize.

If you believe in yourself then this power is truly unlimited.

If you don’t believe in yourself, then nobody else will. All your dreams and […]

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  • rethink-riskybusiness


This past week I took a risk. I literally said “fudge-it, go for it!” I was at the pizza shop and asked the owner if he was interested in hiring me. He looked at me strange because my proposition was more like a Tourettes outburst vs. a well planned business proposition. I had been meaning […]

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  • rethink-hardwork


I just watched the Golden State Warriors make history. They broke a record which was thought would stand the test of time. It took 20 years to break it. On the same night, Kobe Bryant retired where he also made history, achieving all kinds of milestones which took him 20 years. 20 years each to […]

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  • rethink-knock


My phone rings, I answer and the guy on the other end starts talking real slick to me. He is talking a bunch of mess. The main question he kept asking was “Are you ready to do some real work”. I actually thought it was a prank call. So I say “Yeah I’m ready what […]

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  • rethink-aprilfools


You ever seen one of those movies where a person gets fired from their job on their day off or on april fools day? It is usually hilarious until it happens to you for real.

The last full time job I had, I was a computer tech for a well known computer company. It was a […]

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  • rethink-grateful


I have been thinking about GOOD FRIDAY since I realized it was this week. This year it has more meaning for me than ever.

I could easily complain because I don’t have all the money I want or I am not at the level I would like to be in life. I could go on […]

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  • rethink-detox


About 2 weeks ago, I was feeling a little off. It was one of those days I got up and nothing was wrong but something didn’t feel right. I started to go through my checklist to see if I could pinpoint what was wrong. I noticed that the bulk of my attention has been on […]

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  • rethink-pressure


This week my daughter has faced an enormous amount of pressure. She received her high school application results to find out that the school she wanted to attend, unfortunately, denied her.

As one can imagine, you are instantly overwhelmed by the gambit of emotions. Disappointment, devastation, sadness, loss of self-esteem, they all attack immediately, which […]

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  • rethink-iam

I AM ___

What are you filling that blank with?

Sometimes we take for granted or don’t recognize how important this statement is. I was never big on affirmations, but I have always believed in the power of self. Part of that power comes from the conversations you are having with yourself. You have to be careful […]

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  • rethink-changeyourmind


My son says to me “Dad I think your next blog post should be Change Your Mind”. I asked why and he responded “because it really works”.

This brief moment, brought a smile to my soul. I realize that one of the principles I’ve been teaching him and his sister had finally “clicked”. Every morning […]

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  • rethink-pursuit


Chasing my vision is the scariest thing I have ever done. It’s one of, if not, the hardest thing I have ever done. How many people purposely go after something that is a shot in the dark? I have no bearing on what will happen. I have no way to predict or estimate success and […]

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  • rethink-4am


“I don’t have time to do anything”. This is how a conversation began today on the phone which led to the following question…”what time do you get up?” I responded “4 am”.

“What the heck is wrong with you? why do you wake up at 4 am?”, was their reply. I don’t know how many […]

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  • rethink-comfortzone


You’ve heard of this place at some point in time. For most, the comfort zone is that sweet spot where life is good or even great. Everything is clicking and your mind is at ease. It lulls you into this false sense of mental security and you run with it.

Wait…everything is […]

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  • rethink-mycanvas


Today, like everyday past, I awake to a blank canvas.

When I look at this canvas, there is so much I see. I think of all the amazing things that I can do with this canvas. All the different directions I can go become apparent, as It allows my mind to think beyond the […]

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  • rethink-theedge


Today has been pretty interesting. I keep coming across these videos which all have a similar message. That message referenced taking the “leap of faith”.

As I watched these videos it made me think of so many people I know. All these people have something that they ARE NOT pursuing. Some of them talk about […]

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  • rethink-lifeis


There are so many choice words to end this statement and not one of them is wrong. We pick and choose how we end this statement based on several factors. I find myself today thinking and using several different endings…


This ride is unlike any other. The ups and downs can take […]

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  • rethink-52weeks


Here we are 2016. Are you ready for the next 52 weeks?

Forget about a resolution. 90% of resolutions fail. Do you have a goal? Do you have a plan to reach that goal? I am talking about a clear, concise course of action to get the results you wish to attain. Whatever you want to […]

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  • rethink-finale


Today the ball drops and we witness the finale of 2015. I hope when you examine the past 365 days, it was full of great memories and achievements. I also realize it might have been one of your hardest years. It’s easy to get caught up in the gambit of emotions, but changing your perspective […]

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  • rethink-thepresent


Today you have the opportunity to make a change for yourself. If you decide, one single thought, can change the rest of your life. The gift you have been given is choice. Today you have the power to make great choices for your health, body and mind. Today you can be better than you […]

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  • rethink-health1st


My day started off pretty horrible for me. Unfortunately I was awaken at 3am to a serious bout of dizziness. So I got up, or tried to, and stumbled to get myself a glass of water because I thought it might be dehydration. I live on top of the heating system for the development so […]

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  • rethink-finishline


This post was supposed to go a different route but as I was writing this, I found out that one of my cousins has lost his battle with cancer. It is a bittersweet moment for me. It is natural to be sad or be overcome by emotions when someone passes but I find myself very […]

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  • rethink-32one


The countdown to the new year officially began a few days ago. Here we are 29 days until end of 2015…WOW. I was thinking about the new year “countdown” and what it represents to so many people. Think about this, something old and something new is only 1 second apart. The idea of something big […]

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  • rethink-thankyou


I woke up this morning and Thanked God for this new day as I do every day. As I think about it, I find myself saying thank you to God a lot throughout the day. I try my best to acknowledge all of my blessings and I have so much to be grateful for.

This post […]

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  • rethink-onestep


I am so proud of my daughter. This past week I watched her go after something she wants. When she mentioned she wanted to go to high school for singing I did the scooby doo response…wha-wha-what!

My daughter has talent. She can draw, crochet, craft and do some other things which I KNOW SHE […]

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  • rethink-itsyourthing


One of my people was telling me about this idea he has for a business. He was explaining most of his plan then he stops. Dead air. I hear his significant other walk into the room. She leaves the room and he continues. So I ask what just happened? He says that she doesn’t believe […]

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  • rethink-choice


October is such a crazy month for me. There is so much happening during this month, even with a to-do list, I find it challenging to keep up.

It kicks off with my brother’s birthday and New York Comic Con. This leads into the big 3, my birthday, my wife’s birthday, my anniversary, which […]

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  • rethink-power


Have you ever thought about how much power you have?

When I say power I am not talking about how strong you are or how much weight you can lift. I am talking internal strength, spiritual and mental power.

We give away our power everyday. When you allow someone or something to change you, you give […]

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  • rethink-showup


Something happened to me this past weekend. Fresh off the heels of my weekend at New York Comic Con, my body is in recovery mode, I am sick, I have pink eye and I am feeling like I could be bed ridden at any moment. But there is a feeling and these thoughts that are […]

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  • rethink-stayfocused


I hate when the seasons change! Unfortunately I crushed my spleen in a car accident many years ago and since then I get sick when the season changes. So I find myself fighting off being sick at a pivotal moment while prepping for the New York Comic Con this weekend.

The challenge has been maintaining my […]

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  • rethink-whatif


Today I decided I am going to walk 3 miles. So I set up my tracking app and I start. I started to think about what I accomplished today since I woke up. So far I got the kids off to school, I cleaned around the house, completed 4 projects, walked 3.16 miles and […]

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  • rethink-why


When I first saw my cousin drawing, I wanted to do what he was doing. He is really good. I realized that no matter how hard I tried I could not draw as good as he could. For years, I tried to draw the way he did. Inside I knew I had to make my […]

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  • rethink-itsmyfault


That’s right look in the mirror and say it to yourself.

Everything is your fault. We are faced with choices every minute of everyday. You either do or you don’t. Either way you make a choice that impacts You, your relationship, your job, your business, your kids, your life, pretty much everything.

Once I start saying it’s […]

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  • rethink-backtome


It is back to school time for the kids in NYC. That means my kids are returning to school, so it’s time to get BACK TO ME.

You can easily forget about YOU when you have other lives. What I mean is you could be married, have kids, be in a relationship, or even […]

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  • rethink-groundzero


One of the items on my internal “to-do” list is learn how to fix a car. Now I am a certified computer technician but cars… nope, I don’t think so. My greatest fear is I am afraid of breaking something so I don’t do it or try it at all. Some might say that is […]

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  • rethink-feelings


Every one of us have issues. I think it is safe to say that we all share some common problems. You may say that “my situation is different”, and you are right. Our lives are different, so the same problems we share are on different levels.

Just like you, I have had my fair share of […]

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  • rethink-plansdontwork


Over the past week, I have noticed a trend with the people I spoke with. The one thing IN common with all is their “plans” failed. I found it weird that all these people had similar stories. Each person had “planned” to do something which did not work out. One person was extremely mad over […]

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  • rethink-whataboutyou


A friend called today to talk about some random person she met at an event she attended. After a single conversation with this new person, my friend, extracted quite a lot of info. She was explaining details like she has known this person for years. In fact at one point, I asked was she sure […]

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  • rethink-lifegetsbetter


“Just keep a positive attitude kid. Life gets better. Just remember that.”

This was one of responses I received to DERAiLED, which has been on my mind like a migraine. It really got me to thinking, does life get better?

My answer is…

Life does not get better on it’s own. If you sit […]

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  • rethink-derailed


You can call it murphy’s law, bad coincidence, bad luck, but I choose to label it what it is, it’s the devil at play.

So I get up this morning to run some errands. I get in my car, turn it on and boom, the loudest humming sound ever. I get out the car, look under […]

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  • rethink-reboot


It has been a strange summer for me. A lot of good days and some bad days. Through all of it, I realize how mentally stronger I have become. At the same time I also realize there are plenty of holes in my armor which need to be fixed. So with that said it is […]

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  • rethink-valley


It is said that there are 2 states in life, you are either going into the storm or coming out of the storm. I have been observing how my life has been following a certain course for the past couple of months or so. No matter what I have done to re-route, I find myself […]

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  • rethink-rightnow


I was asked “why did you create the design NOT NOW RiGHT NOW!”?

The answer is TIME.

With God’s blessing, each day we live we get 24 hours but what truly separates us is how you use your 86400 seconds .

As we live our lives, we take for granted how blessed we are to be here […]

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  • rethink-grind


Here I am, on my grind. I am alert, in the moment, in my element, in tune, when I feel it. Something is messing with my chi.

I turn to find my son watching in silence, paying full attention to my every move, totally immersed in what I am doing. Although I did not say anything […]

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  • rethink-average


October 19th. Today is my birthday. After my rebirth last year and how the past year has turned out, I am so excited to see what this year has for me and what I am going to do to it. Yes you read right…WHAT I AM GOING TO DO TO IT!

I know I am not […]

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  • rethink-stm


A little over a year and change ago I started listening to a whole bunch of motivational speakers. One who captured my attention is ET @Ericthomasbtc. […]

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  • rethink-addicted


Are you an addict?

I was speaking with someone who I believe has an addiction. Without fail if we speak for longer than 15 minutes, his addiction comes up.

I realized his addiction as I was playing back our past conversations in my mind when I noticed the pattern. The crazy part is I do not think […]

By |February 6th, 2014|RE:THiNK|
  • rethink-1thought


It is so simple that it may have never crossed your mind or it may have and you totally ignored it. What you are reading right now could be the one thought that will change your life forever. I am talking about ONE THOUGHT, ONE IDEA.

Do you realize everything you do is decided by one […]

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  • rethink-lefttime


A friend of mine said he has to “wait” to make a change in his life. So I asked him what are you waiting for? He answered “the right time”. Funny thing was this conversation lit a fuse because most of the people I talked to after him mentioned “waiting for the right time”.

Have you […]

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  • rethink-wakeup


So I was asked “how could you be living at the peak if you are bankrupt?”

Before I answer let me ask you, would you choose to stay bankrupt? Would you choose to live life just getting by? Do you think or believe that YOU have to stay in the valley? Do you realize that YOU […]

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  • rethink-birthday


Today starts a new year. A rebirth of me. With the new year, you set goals, expectations run high and you also get to reflect on the year that has past. As I reflect, man what a year that was. As much as I cursed it, it will go down as one of the best […]

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  • rethink-peak


One of my dearest friends responded to One Way To Go. I will keep her anonymous, and this email is not to put her on blast. However she inspired me with this line from her response:

“It never ends…we have to live off less and get used to the fact the best days have passed.”


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  • rethink-1way2go


today I woke up “not me”. Everything seemed ok but not really. I checked my bank account. There was nothing in it…literally, bankrupt. I stepped on the scale and I HAVE GAINED 14 pounds. There is no work coming in, so my business is not doing good. I just realized I am at “the bottom”. […]

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