Here we are 2016. Are you ready for the next 52 weeks?

Forget about a resolution. 90% of resolutions fail. Do you have a goal? Do you have a plan to reach that goal? I am talking about a clear, concise course of action to get the results you wish to attain. Whatever you want to achieve this year is going to take 52 weeks of grinding.

It may take you less time and if it does kudos to you! For most of us it might take the whole 52 weeks. I began working on my 2016 on black friday 2015. My mindset is NOW because waiting until January 1st to start was wasting time. I wanted to begin the new year early. I already knew what I wanted to accomplish so I curated my plan. However knowing what I want is not enough.


If you are not moving toward the goal then you are moving away from the goal, especially if you are not moving at all. The outcome of this year starts… NOT NOW BUT RiGHT NOW!

You have 52 weeks… MAKE YOU BETTER!

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