The past week has been pretty crazy. I found myself working on several unexpected projects. Every chance I had to take a breath, I kept telling myself thank God I’ve been preparing for this.

That got me to thinking are you ready? Are you ready to accomplish the goal you have in mind? If that opportunity you’ve been thinking about presented itself today, would you be able to take advantage of it? Would you be ready?

I was able to take advantage on all these opportunities because I have been preparing myself for them well in advance. I have run myself through scenarios so I know how to perform when the moment comes. Then surprisingly the opportunity showed up. Each one didn’t run smoothly but I was able to execute immediately and deliver results.

Those results happened because I put myself in that moment before the moment arrived. I lived it ahead of time. I performed as if it were actually happening before it happened. I would say it is like rolling out the red carpet in anticipation of the opportunity whatever it may be. Yes I planned ahead but like I said plans don’t work, you do. It is one thing to say “I plan on doing this” but actually doing it is a different animal.

You always hear people talking about becoming a millionaire. I think most people just think it is having that 7 digit number in your bank account. I am pretty sure if that money found its way into their hands tomorrow, by next week they would be in trouble.

So are you ready?

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