October 19th. Today is my birthday. After my rebirth last year and how the past year has turned out, I am so excited to see what this year has for me and what I am going to do to it. Yes you read right…WHAT I AM GOING TO DO TO IT!

I know I am not going to sit here and wait for whatever to happen when I have the ability to make anything happen.


I AM whoever or whatever I choose to be. I CAN be whatever I AM.

Let me rephrase this line. Today is my BIRTH day. Every day I wake God has made my BIRTH day. Every day is a celebration of my life not only on October 19th. What will I do with this day? Today I decide to bask in my wealth. To immerse myself in my riches. Today I decided that I would do something that appears to be average but in no way is. Today I am going to see a movie and afterwards enjoy a meal with my family. Today I will surround myself with the 3 people that make me want to be so much more than average.

We all have abilities that we do not acknowledge because we choose to be average. Being average is such a waste of life. Most people go through life on auto-pilot. For most, every day is just another day. Average is over crowded, over populated, life-sucking, so many words can describe it. For many years, at least half my life, I was content being average. It was ok to just exist and not try to do anything more than breathe. At what point do you realize that you are more than average?

I am sure that when I was conceived over 4 decades ago, that my mother had visions of promise for my life. I may not have become what she envisioned but I received a birthday card from her which leads me to believe that I am much more. it reads “… his imagination taking him someplace you can’t quite follow… you look at the man he’s grown up to be and marvel at how everything came together to make him who he is”.

If you have children, when they arrive, you too have visions of promise. Our children will never live up to that promise because what YOU want is not what your child ultimately wants. Every person on this planet has their own mind. When you come to that realization, then you will see that your ideal for having your child be a doctor, lawyer, ball player, etc. might not be what he or she wants for themselves. The one thing that you know and will not accept for your child is AVERAGE.

So I ask why show them it is ok to be average?

Change your mind. RE:THiNK.

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