It is back to school time for the kids in NYC. That means my kids are returning to school, so it’s time to get BACK TO ME.

You can easily forget about YOU when you have other lives. What I mean is you could be married, have kids, be in a relationship, or even own a business. It is easy to forget about YOU when you have a second, third or even fourth life.

As I was explaining to a friend in her response to GROUND ZERO, when people get married they tend to get rid of their “single life”. Most people forget the importance of their single life and what it had represented. It is not so easy to break the life long habits when you link up with someone. The mentality however is, once you get married, have kids, run a business, you have to stop your life in order for these new lives to work. I truly understand the thought process around this idea but…


Now I am not saying abandon your current situation, but your lives can co-exist peacefully. It is up to you to bring some sort of balance so all of your lives can really flourish. It all starts with making the decision to get back to you. It could be as simple as dedicating 15 minutes to yourself daily. What you do or don’t do with these 15 minutes, is all on you.

For me personally, I have been blessed. I’ve always pursued my dreams and aspirations. I’ve always taken that leap of faith to go after “ME”. I love what I do so the line between me, my business and play are just about invisible. This is why it is easy for me to transition from one to the next.

It is not all roses though. My family life has suffered in the past as I was real quick to use my business as an excuse not to participate or to blow off family plans completely. I am continually working to find a great balance.

When you get caught up in your other lives, you put your life on hold. If you don’t make time for yourself and your life, you will get burnt out. These other lives you lead will be affected as well. I would say even more so then your own. The results can be no good for anyone especially you.

Get back to you while I get BACK TO ME!

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