You can call it murphy’s law, bad coincidence, bad luck, but I choose to label it what it is, it’s the devil at play.

So I get up this morning to run some errands. I get in my car, turn it on and boom, the loudest humming sound ever. I get out the car, look under and see a leak. Instantly I go from 0 to 100, mad, frustrated, I mean I couldn’t be more pissed off!

So I get back in the car and make my way to the market because I need to get some food to feed my family. I arrive, call my wife, tell her the car is leaking and before she can ask too many questions, I hang up because I am ready to turn my aggression towards her. As I am walking through the aisles, I ask why does this always happen?

Then it hits me. This dang devil. He will use ANYONE or ANYTHING to stop your progression. So I start laughing. Then I start saying out loud “I see your move but CHECKMATE PLAYER!” Here I am, in this isle, yelling and laughing, with all these people looking at me like “that dude is crazy”. Thank GOD I had on my headphones and no one knew I really was talking to myself.

So during my drive home, noise and all, all I kept thinking was, this is confirmation that I have chosen the right direction. Here I am setting up for the come up and here comes (the devil) trying to set me back.

Think about this for a second. How hard is it for a train to be put back on to it’s tracks once it has fallen off? How much work does it take, just to get that train back to a point where it can move again? These series of unfortunate events are tossed in your path to immobilize you, to deter you, to defeat you, to ensure your failure.

Your spirit will be tested. Your commitment will be tested. Your will, will be tested. You should expect all sorts of obstacles on this road you have chosen to travel to get to your destination.

Recognize that these are tests that prove anything worth having, is worth going through, to get what you want.

You have to fight through because if you allow it, you will be DERAiLED.

As I type this last line, I just got an email that my cousin who has cancer, has been admitted to the hospice.


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