About 2 weeks ago, I was feeling a little off. It was one of those days I got up and nothing was wrong but something didn’t feel right. I started to go through my checklist to see if I could pinpoint what was wrong. I noticed that the bulk of my attention has been on my business for the past 6 months or so. Normally when I focus on one thing, everything else takes a back seat. The last time this happened, the outcome wasn’t so much fun which prepared me for times like this.

So I decided a detox was in order. So for 10 days prior to today, I basically cut out everything except fruits, veggies and water. Again I haven’t been sick or anything like [Thank you God], but every so often a purge of the system is required. I compare a detox to the oil change that is needed every 3000 miles for your car.

This detox was not only limited to food. Everything I consume in terms of media was reviewed as well. I was checking to see what shows I was watching, the type of phone calls I was taking and a few other things like junk email. It was definitely time to purge the system.

So I proceeded to get rid of the offending media. I went through this purge and surprisingly, I had only one crave which arrived on day 6…Pizza Friday.

In my home,every Friday is pizza Friday. So I went picked up a pie and returned home. The funny thing is I wasn’t hungry but for some reason I just wanted the freaking pizza. I fussed with my wife about having a slice. I taunted my kids like I was going to take their pizza, but I didn’t eat it. It was so weird to me because I have stronger cravings for starburst than pizza. I spent the next 4 days thinking about pizza.

Finally the detox was over, I lost 12 pounds and was feeling very clean. I went and bought some pizza and it was blah! It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t satisfying either. The funniest thing though was I felt more satisfied eating grapefruit and grapes the rest of the day.

So when you are feeling like things aren’t right, maybe a detox should be considered. It doesn’t have to be as extreme as 10 days but maybe a weekend of purging your system, in it’s entirety. You will be surprised how you feel once you start removing things that are weighing you down..and I don’t mean weight.

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