I just watched the Golden State Warriors make history. They broke a record which was thought would stand the test of time. It took 20 years to break it. On the same night, Kobe Bryant retired where he also made history, achieving all kinds of milestones which took him 20 years. 20 years each to attain a level of greatness.

20 years may be coincidental, however if you were to dissect these 2 distinct historical experiences, you’d find at the core they share one principal… HARD WORK.

The results of hard work are undeniable.

The things you want don’t happen because you want them or you think you want them. The only way to reach these points is to take action. It takes time and discipline to reach the milestones you want. You have to be diligent, you have to invest the time and you must decide YOU CAN DO THIS.

If you’re not willing to work hard then you might as well get comfy with being average. Everything you aspire to be will require a level of commitment that you may not be accustomed to. It will require some sort of time frame to achieve your goals and they may not happen within the time frame you’ve personally set. This however doesn’t mean you quit because the time has come and gone. This is about your resolve. Your dedication to yourself to achieve greatness or to bring out the greatness within you.

Watching this team and this individual make their marks, got me thinking about my past 20 years. All the ups and downs. It made me think about how good I thought I was doing until 3 years ago when I woke up bankrupt. That milestone I will never forget. It is one that I am most proud of as crazy as it sounds. I appreciate it so much because out of this single bad experience, it changed my perception and helped redefine many if not all aspects of my life for the better. I have this definitive point in time where I was at a low, damn near absolute bottom and took action. It provided the “kick in the ass” I needed. The direct effect of it has me seeking and attaining levels of personal and professional development, that the person I was 3 years ago, wasn’t even thinking about.

So as much as people want to cast shadows on the warriors achievements or say Kobe was good but he ain’t Michael Jordan, no one can take away the results gained from their hard work. People can talk all the mess they want but the numbers don’t lie.

Those same results are within your grasp. YOU CAN DO THIS.

All it takes is HARD WORK!

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