My day started off pretty horrible for me. Unfortunately I was awaken at 3am to a serious bout of dizziness. So I got up, or tried to, and stumbled to get myself a glass of water because I thought it might be dehydration. I live on top of the heating system for the development so it’s hot like africa in my house. I pretty much spent the first 5-6 hours of my day in this “dizzy” loop. After a trip to the doctors office, I wasn’t any better off.

Fast forward roughly 15 hours later and I have mustered up enough energy to write this. The dizzy bouts have stopped but I am extremely winded. Throughout the day, I kept thinking about everything I wanted to get done today. I had no intention of breaking my plans but due to unforeseen circumstances, sometimes you have no choice in the matter.

Today my body said it was time to rest. Sometimes we don’t listen so your body gets pissed and says ok watch this… [yeah you dizzy now huh] bet you listen now. My body decided how today would play out. As much as my will wanted to push through, my body said NO!

Everything I had planned for today has been moved on to tomorrow’s to-do list. The way I look at it is, I have a head start on tomorrow. Body is saying it’s not tomorrow yet!

Health first.

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