That’s right look in the mirror and say it to yourself.

Everything is your fault. We are faced with choices every minute of everyday. You either do or you don’t. Either way you make a choice that impacts You, your relationship, your job, your business, your kids, your life, pretty much everything.

Once I start saying it’s my fault, I began feeling a certain way. There is a level of discomfort that comes over you when you are at fault. It is human nature to want to cast the blame elsewhere. When you claim it, you get out of your comfort zone. When you lose that comfort zone, you can get past all the non-sense and get to fixing what is wrong or improving what is right. You empower yourself because you increase your awareness of responsibility.

Whether you believe this or not, you run a very important business. You are the CEO of YOU. If you are not owning you, then the business of you is failing. I usually think the business of me is doing good until my employees inform me otherwise. Oh yes you have employees. Your employees are your family, friends and affiliates. They provide valuable insight on how your business is running.

If you are arguing consistently with your partner, kids, or peers, there is a problem with your human resources dept. If you are having issues with money or paying bills, there is a problem with your accounting dept. When no one is complaining, you are normally on vacation.

When everything is good, you want that pat on the your back like “YOU DID IT!”, but when everything is bad, you don’t want the same pat on the back like “YOU DID IT!”.You need to take full accountability for yourself, whether good or bad.

You have to own YOU. All your success and failure is on you and up to you.

Say it proud. Say it often… iT’S MY FAULT!

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