My phone rings, I answer and the guy on the other end starts talking real slick to me. He is talking a bunch of mess. The main question he kept asking was “Are you ready to do some real work”. I actually thought it was a prank call. So I say “Yeah I’m ready what you got”. Right out the gate, the first project was for Mariah Carey/MTV VMA Awards. It was one big project after the next. The work was serious and kept flowing.

It’s been almost 12 years since that phone call. I think about this opportunity and how it was presented in a way that I almost turned it down. Fortunately for me, I didn’t. I thought it was a joke and to my surprise it was more than serious, it was a life changing call. It never crossed my mind that one phone call would lead to over a decade of work and counting.

Opportunity does not only knock… it calls, emails, send text messages and uses various other methods to make itself known. Since opportunity follows a random pattern, I found the best thing to do is prepare for the opportunity you want. I truly believe by prepping for it, you make yourself available to it so when it shows itself, you will be ready to take advantage.

So when you are looking for an opportunity, be ready because it may not arrive in the form you expect. It may be hidden but right in front of your face.

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