“Just keep a positive attitude kid. Life gets better. Just remember that.”

This was one of responses I received to DERAiLED, which has been on my mind like a migraine. It really got me to thinking, does life get better?

My answer is…

Life does not get better on it’s own. If you sit there waiting for it to get better, you will be waiting for a long time.

I am so grateful for my wife, but don’t tell her I said any of this because I will deny it all. My wife made a decision that I was probably 2 years away from making. She was tired of living in the area we lived and she wanted to move. In my mind, we had time to move but there is something about doing things NOT NOW BUT RiGHT NOW!

My wife not only made the choice to move but that choice has allowed our family to expand it’s horizons. I was willing to wait possibly 2 years before doing anything. Here we are 6 years later and I am so grateful that I was smart enough to follow her lead. That one decision has had a huge impact on our family. So much of an impact that, an opportunity to move again [in the same development, bigger place] and this time I decided to SiEZE THE MOMENT.

The stakes were a lot different this time. We were in no position financially to make this move and quite honestly the idea of moving was not even on our radar for many years. We literally just renewed our lease the day I was asked do I want this bigger place.

There was no doubt this was God talking directly to me. I listened and told my wife start packing. My wife said “wait a minute, you know it is not that simple, especially with the way the process works [ going through the board to be approved when we first moved took about 3 months]”. So although she was not confident, I had enough confidence for the whole family. This time I knew it was meant to be.

Long story short [ maybe one day I will tell it all ], we were approved and moved in less than 3 weeks!

The things that you want out of life, don’t show up because “life gets better”. The things you want out of your life show up when you show up. When you decide this is what I want and will not settle for anything less, and you go get it.

So I wonder, how many people are waiting for life to get better?

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