today I woke up “not me”. Everything seemed ok but not really. I checked my bank account. There was nothing in it…literally, bankrupt. I stepped on the scale and I HAVE GAINED 14 pounds. There is no work coming in, so my business is not doing good. I just realized I am at “the bottom”. what do you do when you hit the bottom?

As any one would do, your mind goes into panic mode. you start to crunch the numbers, rent, cc’s, bills, kids, and OMG what do I tell my wife, or do I tell my wife? The gambit of emotions all hit you, from depression to this highly stressed mood. this is when you STOP! STOP EVERYTHING YOU ARE DOING, THINKING, JUST STOP!

If you allow these emotions to continue, you will disable yourself. You will give away your ability to face this shit storm head on. You have to look in the mirror and realize this is an opportunity to reset your mind.So here I am at the bottom. Imagine being in the bottom of a well, well, look up. There is the light. One way to go. Let that light guide you. how do i get to that light?

3 steps…

first is knowing I WILL GET THERE.
Second is FAITH. Lucky for me I have 3 faith’s, My God, My wife [Faith] and MYSELF!
Third is I MUST.

It is that simple. When all else fails you have one person to rely on which is YOURSELF. If you stay swept up in those emotions then you lose. However if you change your mind, you already have the equation figured out: PROBLEM / YOU = SOLUTION. You already have 2 of the 3 factors solved. You know the problems. you know the solutions. DO YOU KNOW YOU?

the third factor is the hardest one to solve…or is it. YOU determine who YOU are. are YOU a fighter or a punk bitch? so you gained weight.. well YOU don’t need to eat anyway, YOU need to lose 14 pounds, so that problem is solved. and water is free. nothing like a “fast” to clean you out and reset your body and mind. YOU are BROKE not BROKEN. you know too many people NOT to be having ANY work come through. talk to someone. use those connects. Look in the mirror. YOU can do anything YOU set your mind to. So set your mind.


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