It’s a New Year. I’ve already been subjected to the same conversation about “NEW YEAR, NEW YOU” and things in that lane. If you waited until the new year to do that, then YOU already lost. I am trying to understand the purpose of “waiting”.

Back in October 2017, so last year [lol], I was given some information about my health. It wasn’t good news however it wasn’t totally unexpected. Immediately upon hearing the news and freaking out a little, I gathered my composure and got right to fixing the issues. Now I could of waited 2 months until this new year began and started off fresh but fudge that. There is no better time than right now.

We all want something. Wanting whatever it is will keep you wanting it. TAKING ACTION, even if it’s one step, gets you closer to what you want. I wanted my health to change and I didn’t wait. The same day everything hit the fan, I took action. You may say “well it is your health, it should be urgent” and you would be right! However, what if it wasn’t my health? What if it were a family vacation or a new car? Those might be some things you want that you keep putting off saying “hmmm… one day soon”. It could be anything but is that wanting and waiting getting it?

So if you were blessed to see this 1st day of 2018 and you are reading this, GET YOUR ASS TO WORK! This whole concept of “A NEW ME” should never be put off until “insert date here”. Anything that you can do RIGHT NOW should never be put on the back burner. I’m not pointing fingers, and if I was, it would be at myself because I have dropped the ball more times than I care to admit.

Imagine this, if you placed a high sense of urgency on “what you want” and the concept of waiting was never part of the thought process, How much more would that impact your life?


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