Have you ever thought about how much power you have?

When I say power I am not talking about how strong you are or how much weight you can lift. I am talking internal strength, spiritual and mental power.

We give away our power everyday. When you allow someone or something to change you, you give away power. You could be arguing, you could be shopping and swipe that credit card. When you get caught up in your favorite tv show and act like you can’t miss it. Or your friend calls you to tell you about her problems and you get stressed out over it. All of these things have to do with power.

Now don’t get me wrong we all compromise meaning we sometimes have to give to get. However we make these decisions without really considering how much power we give away. Even when you are faced with a problem, the problem can take your power.

Money problems, relationship problems, all these decisions. When your house is burning down you don’t have time to cry about it. You move or die. If ever and when ever you get caught up in a problem, you can not lose sight of YOU. Once you do that, your power begins to drain.

If you challenge yourself to be stronger internally, you will start to notice how much power you are actually giving away. You can gain more power when you really focus on self improvement. When you change you thought process everything will begin to change. It is another decision you have to make. What’s your choice?

I choose to KEEP MY POWER.

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