It has been a strange summer for me. A lot of good days and some bad days. Through all of it, I realize how mentally stronger I have become. At the same time I also realize there are plenty of holes in my armor which need to be fixed. So with that said it is time for a REBOOT.

Over the month of August, my goal is to improve. Just to be clear EVERYDAY I do things to improve me however I can honestly say it is not a full focused effort. I usually give different areas more attention then others, like working vs cleaning. There are many aspects of my life that I would like to be on auto-pilot. You know how you brush your teeth, eat & drink, etc. Well there are some items that I need to get on that “set it and forget it” program. This reboot is all about improving on all aspects of me in some way shape or form. My core focus will be on health, family and business however the real focus is being¬†FULLY COMMITTED and that starts today.

You may have noticed that I did not mention wealth. The reason I didn’t is, I already know what the payday is. If my focus and grind are just that, the wealth has no choice but to come. I have a mantra that I chant with my kids which is


What does this mean:

FOCUS on the task at hand or whatever you are undertaking.
DOUBLE CHECK the work you put in to ensure it is done correctly the first time.
GET THAT MONEY is the pay off for the first 2 steps [which is not necessarily money].

Wealth only comes from EXECUTION. Monetary wealth is really my last concern. The wealth from achieving what I am setting out to do will far out weigh any money I earn.


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