This past week I took a risk. I literally said “fudge-it, go for it!” I was at the pizza shop and asked the owner if he was interested in hiring me. He looked at me strange because my proposition was more like a Tourettes outburst vs. a well planned business proposition. I had been meaning to ask about this project for months but I avoided the risk.

Often we know what it is we want to do, but we still don’t do it. The problem is that it is risky business.

We are afraid of failing on some level or we avoid taking that chance because we believe we don’t have what it takes. We tend to under value our ability to “do it”. Ultimately what happens is we settle for average. We accept taking the path of least resistance.

This is not true of all people however a higher percentage of people are “just living”. Whatever will allow us to remain in our lane and be comfortable is just fine. I was definitely part of this group for a big portion of my life. I have always pursued my passion but it was not an all out effort on my part. I’ve always had a safety net so there was not a big risk involved.

So I took on this project and knocked it out. As I was performing the installation, I was thinking to myself how I almost allowed this opportunity to pass me by. There are so many quotes I could us like “no risk, no reward” or “if you don’t take a shot you can’t score”, that would be appropriate in this matter.

The bottom line… you will not achieve your dreams or aspirations without taking a risk. You will not learn anything about yourself if you don’t take a chance on yourself. You don’t know what the results will be but if you don’t risk it, You may never know what you are capable of.

I am not the gambling type but I am betting my all on me. I hope you are willing to risk your all on you.

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