A little over a year and change ago I started listening to a whole bunch of motivational speakers. One who captured my attention is ET @Ericthomasbtc. Since I started listening to him and putting into action some of the principles he teaches, a lot has changed in my life. I am definitely in a better place then I was a year ago. I wanted to meet this brother just to say “thank you” for his service, so I put “MEET ET” as one of my goals.

Well some time had past and the opportunity showed itself. I questioned should I make the move to go see him actually I questioned whether I should “kick up the loot” to go to his conference. As I hesitated, the devil saw this and seized his opportunity. You have to appreciate the devil because the mofo is always on his job and rarely lets any opportunity pass him by. Just as quick as I paused, I found myself with an unexpected expense that had to be paid so there went the funds.

Suffice to say I brushed it off and said “my opportunity would come again and I would make sure I was ready”. Well to my surprise, on father’s day, God said that it was my time. My wife and children blessed me with the golden ticket! That’s right they surprised me with a ticket to G.I.U.Y. Conference in Hartford, CT. After the initial joy and happiness, I thought “SEIZE THE MOMENT”. I wrote down my plan of how I would make the most of this one day event. The challenge to myself would be to ensure I had my shhh in order [website, business cards, etc], which would culminate with meeting him on the 21st day.

Fast forward… Here I am standing in line waiting to get in to the event when Josh [one of ET’s people] comes over to me. He says let me see your shirt, I am going to take a picture to show him. So I say “I got one for him, what size is he [XL or 2x] and would it be possible to hand deliver it myself, could you make the connect happen”. He said he couldn’t promise anything but said he would try. Well I get to my seat and I am looking around as the theater started to fill, when I hear ” I need that XL”. I turn and ET is standing a few feet away when he repeats “My dude I need that XL”. So I walk over to him, we shake hands and I give him the shirt.


What is most amazing about the whole event is God seemed to take my thoughts and make the whole scenario play out just the way I envisioned it happening. A lot more took place which I will reserve but trust when I say, prepare for the opportunity you are seeking so when it presents itself you don’t miss it.


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