I have been thinking about GOOD FRIDAY since I realized it was this week. This year it has more meaning for me than ever.

I could easily complain because I don’t have all the money I want or I am not at the level I would like to be in life. I could go on but the truth is I AM SO BLESSED!

God has enabled me to see my journey as I walk it. What a wonderful life I am living. With all its valleys and peaks, it has been nothing short of amazing.

I am well aware of my accomplishments. I am aware of what I have vs what I want. I am aware of the changes I’ve made which have enabled me. I am able to hustle like never before to attain my goals. Although I work from home, I am traveling far beyond the boundaries of the walls that provide me shelter without moving from where I sit.

The past week has been very humbling for me. I received several messages of “thanks” for the work you do. It is a tremendous feeling of accomplishment when someone acknowledges you. It is even more awesome when someone that you don’t know, contacts you to say “thank you for what you are doing because you helped me”.

I am overwhelmed and overjoyed at the same time.

It is truly an understatement but I AM SO GRATEFUL!

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