You’ve heard of this place at some point in time. For most, the comfort zone is that sweet spot where life is good or even great. Everything is clicking and your mind is at ease. It lulls you into this false sense of mental security and you run with it.

Wait…everything is not all good.

This could be true as well. You could be on the opposite end where everything is a mess and nothing is going right. There are people that are or get comfortable with having problems, issues, drama and seem to thrive in that space.

Either way your comfort zone is not a good thing or bad thing. It is a neutral mental state.

If you think about a car and it being in neutral, there is no movement. Your comfort zone enables these mental blocks that instruct you to do nothing. At some point, you make a choice to finally move. When you decide to push yourself, I mean really push yourself, this is usually the time when you realize how deep you are into your comfort zone.

The people I’ve had the most engagement with in the past week are at different positions within their own comfort zone. The common denominator among all of them is the anxiety [which is usually called fear] that comes along with the thoughts of pushing or even breaking the imaginary comfort zone. As with most things, when you try anything new it increases your inherent risk factor. We predetermine the kind of risk we are comfortable taking [consciously and subconsciously] and challenging that risk increases our anxiety levels. Those anxiety levels tell us to quit before we push ahead.

Coincidentally I have been pushing the boundaries of my own comfort zone this past week. I am finding that pushing these boundaries, reinvigorates my creativity. I feel a great sense of accomplishment, even if I should fail. It doesn’t need to be a big, huge goal, just purposely pushing so I do not stay stagnant because I am comfortable.

So try something new or different every week, or every month, just to test your boundaries. Again it doesn’t need to be a big deal, just something to push you from standing still.

Always remember you are not leaving the comfort zone you are just increasing it’s boundaries.

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