Today has been pretty interesting. I keep coming across these videos which all have a similar message. That message referenced taking the “leap of faith”.

As I watched these videos it made me think of so many people I know. All these people have something that they ARE NOT pursuing. Some of them talk about “their thing” as if they are actively doing something but not realizing we have been having the same discussion for years. Some acknowledge “their thing” but act as if it is nothing special and pass it off as such.

When you know what your thing is, it is your choice to use it or not. If you choose the latter then you will always be standing on the edge.

Being on the edge, really sucks. You are constantly wondering if you can or can’t, should you or shouldn’t you. I’ve always hated this position and still hate it. This is why I jump.

You are reading this post because I jumped. I took that leap and refused to be on the edge. Of course I was afraid of what the response might be [or no one responding at all] but taking that leap did so much more for me then standing there wondering.

It is easy standing on the edge but just standing there is doing yourself a great disservice. You will never know what your true potential is. You will never know what you are capable of. You can only wonder about the possibilities.

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