A friend of mine said he has to “wait” to make a change in his life. So I asked him what are you waiting for? He answered “the right time”. Funny thing was this conversation lit a fuse because most of the people I talked to after him mentioned “waiting for the right time”.

Have you ever said that you had to wait for the right time? How long do you wait for the right time? A better question is when is the right time? Obviously you as well as many others think you have all the time in the world. We all are guilty of believing time is on our side at some point. I guess you are waiting for “someday” too. When you find someday, please let me know because I know a lot of people waiting for it.

Seriously though why wait?

What happens if the right time never shows up? You will have wasted all that time waiting. NOW IS THE TIME. Whatever plan you have, any change you want to make or goal you want to achieve, it is best to begin RIGHT NOW! When will you realize that your life is lived by the second. We all assume we have all these years but the truth is you and I are gambling on those years to be there. Only God or whatever deity you believe in knows what amount of time you have.

Think about this. If you are blessed with life, You will work for 20, 30, 40 or 50 years until you retire and then do what? Most people have these grand ideas of traveling the world and doing other things they have never done. I am asking why would you wait until your body can’t keep up with your thoughts? If you retire say at 65, how much partying do you think you are going to get in when you get to Hawaii? Why not plan for that trip now and God willing, your vacation time will come and you can enjoy a pineapple on one of those white sand beaches. Even as I am typing this I am thinking to myself how am I going to make this trip happen that I want to take. I know I can’t do it right this moment but I know I can prepare for it right now. Or I can be like most people and dream about it indefinitely. Why waste another minute waiting for the right time?

I say try “THE LEFT TIME” because the right time never comes.

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