I was set to post something totally different but today is one of those rare days in life that is so good that I had to tell someone about it.

Now I am not saying that I don’t have good days because I am fortunate to have my fair share more so than bad ones. However there was something different in the air when I awoke this morning. I got up and started my day as I had planned the night before. Right from jump, things started to fall into place.

My first thought was that was weird. Damn near instantly, scratched 2 things off my to-do list. So I proceeded to the next item. Before I knew it, 3 hours past, a gang of items crossed off my list and the 7am alarm rIngs. Time to get the kids up and ready for work [school]. So off to school, get back home to find a parking space right in front of my house. Crazy because I live across the street from my son’s school so all the teachers snatch up all the spots and I am usually a block or so away. So I say “Thank you God”, then proceed to knock out my mile walk for the day.

I finish the walk [cut my time by 5 minutes], wash up and resume work. There is a lot going on with work but like domino’s, I am setting things up and knocking them down. Then I take on an item which always gives me problems and sure enough, BOOM. Done deal. Something that normally takes me an hour at least, done in 10 minutes. I am like what the… so I stop myself and say “Thank you God”. Fast forward and it is going on 5pm. I think God might be a little tired of my voice since I have been saying “Thank you” all day.

I am in awe at how awesome today has been. It has been one of the most productive days I have had this year. I almost didn’t write this post because I did not want to jinx myself. However I had to because it is one of those days that can easily be taken for granted. One of those days when everything is going excellent and not once do you say “thanks” to the higher power you believe in or anyone for that matter. I so appreciate today I was blessed not only to have a wonderful day but to utilize my creative ability in everything I accomplished.

It stinks that in a couple of hours I will have to bring this day to an end and get some rest.

Today was a good day!

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