A friend called today to talk about some random person she met at an event she attended. After a single conversation with this new person, my friend, extracted quite a lot of info. She was explaining details like she has known this person for years. In fact at one point, I asked was she sure she just met the person because I found it quite fascinating that in a single encounter she was consumed by this person’s life.

She continued talking about how successful this person was and how much material crap she had. Now my friend is pretty successful in her own right which made me think, why do you feel the need to invest so much time into someone else’s life that you allow it to make your life meaningless? You might ask why did I just make that statement? Well my friend kept saying “I wish I could be like that, I wish I could have that, i wish my life was like hers”.


The conversation reminded me of the reality shows and how people get caught up with “_______” [insert famous person name here]. How does watching someone else’s life become more important than your own? How can you idolize someone else’s life to think your life is not as valuable and wish you could be like them?

We all have a natural tendency to want to be “rich” or be better off. We all at some point assume that money would somehow eliminate all of our problems. Don’t get me wrong, it would be great to have all the money your heart desires but have you ever thought of how rich you truly are? You are reading this right now, but a blind person can not. You are hearing the sounds around you but a deaf person can not. You are alive!

I think of all my family and friends that passed away, some a couple of weeks ago and some over 20 years ago. Just to think that is 20 years of life that they did not get to experience which I have. In those 20 years, I have come into the wealthiest part of my life which are my wife and children. I have been on this roller coaster of life, but I’ve never forgotten that the valleys can be as great as the peaks.

So I ask again…WHAT ABOUT YOU?

When will you realize that you are no different from that other person? When do you begin to believe in yourself enough to know that you can achieve the same levels of success you see others achieving? One thing I know for sure is, the “stars” you watch, are not sitting in front of a television watching another “star’s” reality show. They are out living life to the fullest…ARE YOU?

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